Our current projects


Animated TV series in Pre-Production
Due to his peculiar name, the cat Fishie is not very much liked by his peers. He goes on a quest to look for love. He meets different animals who disappoint him because of their selfishness. Despite that, Fishie manages to find a friend and in the end, he also meets a cat, named Mouse, who is kind and open-minded and they fall in love.

The Biscuiteers

Animated TV series in Pre-Production
The Biscuiteers wake up after a long sleep from the smell of Elly’s cookies. They become friends with her and have a lot of fun, trying perform some everyday tasks. The friends work in a team and rely on the Biscuiteers’ magic powers to make things right when they go out of control.

How it all began

Animated short in Production
When a King and a Queen of a small kingdom understand that they cannot have children, they embark on a dangerous and magical journey to find their most desirable miracle – their child.

The illuminer

Animated Short - Completed
The Illuminer is a film about the human journey - our choices, goals, inspirations, ascents, failures, responsibilities and sacrifices. This mixture of emotional states will be conveyed through the symbolism of animated movement on top of the main narrative – walking the path.

Grizzlebetter Raaf

Animated Feature in Pre-Production
The trock Grizzlebetter Raaf loves the Green World—the world of all living beings, but he is the prince of Volcania whose inhabitants are its enemies. The Shaman Toramat dreams of the time when the entire world belonged to trocks and awakens the Volcano in the name of the ancestor Eah. Grizzlebetter must save his plant and animal friends while Queen Grimalda is trying to restore peace, but this might turn out to be hard on the eve of the chaotic Rockthrowing Tournament.

The Sylphs

Animated Feature in Development
Sylphs, air spirits who live in the clouds, guide humans toward good deeds by transforming their thoughts. The process is run by a computer script, containing Sylphs’ DNA. Goodwill disrupts the transformation due to a mutation in his genome. He goes to the earth and meets Zoe who agrees to get infected to produce antibodies. A number of challenges, among which a forest fire, makes Goodwill understand that like the fire humans rage when they lack love or when scared. This is why they need Sylphs’ help and guidance. In the end Zoe’s antibodies restore the transformation.

The Girls from Willow Street

Animated Short - Completed
The Girls from Willow Street is a fun-filled, adventure short that follows the story of Lola, Maddie and Honey, three best friends. The twist comes when they use their combined imagination to cope with the school bully - Lola transforms into a mighty warrior, Maddie into a powerful mage and Honey turns into a skillful hunter.

The three Gadgetiers

Animated TV series in Development
In the Forest three little friends - a turtle, a hedgehog and a fox - indulge in games and entertainment in the company of their ingenious inventions. Their attention is drawn to a garden, which hides appetizing delicacies. Costa, Jožek and Liska come up with a plan and secretly enter the garden, where adventures, delicious surprises and crazy games await them.